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Anomal is a colourful, cartoon like version¬†of games such as agario. You’ll have the option to choose between 3 different animal styles when first joining each coming with an adorable/funny sound kit. Around the map will be various types of food such as meat and apples, you can eat them by walking into them which will increase your score and make you progressively bigger, the bigger you are the more dangerous you are as you are able to consume anyone smaller than you!

In Anomalio it is important to stay away from the mushrooms, although being around them wont do any damage running into them will, for some reason your character can not digest fungi and you will throw up all of the precious food you’ve previously collected for any player to come along and steal it! These mushroom are not all bad however, you can use them to your advantage by hiding behind them when being chased by bigger players, with any luck they’ll run into the shroom and you’ll soon take all of their mass for your own!


Use the WASD keys to move your character around and use the space bar to boost a small amount forwards, boosting will let out a funny fart sound so be prepared.

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