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Acyd is another awesome game in the consume to grow genre. It can be closest compared to agario in that aspect but transitions the classic game into a space environment where you play as a moon/planet rather than a blob. At the start Acydio can be kind of difficult to grasp as the movement is quite a lot different than normal however once you’ve grasped this it becomes just as easy as it is entertaining. In order to move around you need to use your boost as a thruster and aim the way opposite to you want to travel, put simply if you boost downwards you’ll go upwards. You can get bigger by picking up the various stars/hoop shapes around the map or consume other players by walking into them.(Only do this if you’re bigger than them of course!)


To move follow the boost process that I previously mentioned, you’ll boost towards your mouse cursor. You can also use W to drop some mass in front of you.

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